Joe & Melissa R. ~ Elma, NY Steve did an outstanding job on our home inspection this past Saturday. He was excellent at returning my calls to and very flexible when it came time to schedule a time to inspect the home we are interested in buying. When I got there 10 minutes early Steve was already there. He spent over 3 hours inspecting our home. He took the time to show me the things that any new homeowner would need to know, such as how to turn off the main water supply, understand how a septic system operates, why and where ventilation is important and circuit breakers 101. As the inspection was going on, Steve would point out things that needed attention and even a pointer or two of how to make it a successful DYI project. For the areas that would require professional attention, he gave estimated ranges for the cost. I trust Steve, and it is easy to trust someone who says “I’m giving you advice that I would give my own daughter.” The written report was so specific and easy to follow. Steve uses a book that has sections for each part of the home, such as roof, foundation, heating system, etc. We knew exactly what areas needed attention with a quick glance. Not only this, but he spent the time to answer our questions at the end of the inspection. He helped us create a list of repairs that we could do and that we would need to hire someone to do. He even helped us prioritize the list. Needless to say, the owners who chose to stay home were slightly anxious with how thorough Steve was and the length of time he was taking to inspect their home. However, when all was said and done, they asked him for his business card to set up an appointment to have him inspect the home they were going to be moving into. I highly recommend Steve and Point of View Home Inspection, surely following his inspection you will have peace of mind as you embark on starting a new life in a “new” home.

Don C. ~ Clarence NY I recently needed some advice on making an offer on a somewhat distressed investment property that was under foreclosure. In addition, a quick decision was required on my part. My Realtor suggested I call Steve and ask him to take a look. I called him and discussed the situation. I have been investing in property for over a decade now and I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, even over the phone. He understood the urgency of the situation and made time for me the following day. Steve showed on time, equipped with the necessary tools for the job. He was courteous and professional as he examined the property. Extremely thorough in his investigation, he also took the time to explain to me any issues that concerned him (in laymen's terms when necessary). He offered suggestions on what I could do to correct problems if I chose to purchase the property and was exceptionally knowledgeable in a wide variety of home improvement disciplines. I felt confident in his recommendations and conclusions, and as a result, was able to make a well informed decision on how to proceed. Over the past 5 years, I've hired close to a dozen home inspectors and feel that Steve is by far the best inspector I've worked with and will seek him first in any home purchases from this point forward.

Tammy & Joe ~ Snyder, NY I found Point of View Home Inspection through a Google search. Steve was able to give us a quote for the inspection right over the phone. Steve was at the house waiting for us the day of the inspection. My husband thought he had a good idea of the house's deficiencies, and we almost did not have a professional home inspection done. Leave it to Steve to find the issues which Joe found, and so much more. His attention to detail is second to none. We can tell that he loves what he does, and does it well. We are so glad we found Steve to do our home inspection.

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